MONzun SPORT economy boisson isotoniques

1 kg of powder with flavor to create up to 21 liters of ion drink to replenish fluids, energy, vitamins and minerals in sports.

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Ion drink designed to replenish fluids, energy, vitamins and minerals for top athletes, performance, but also recreational ones. Monsoon SPORT ECONOMY - iont hypotonic drink, sweetened with sugar, about 1000 g per 21 liters of drink, 24 g per 0.5 liter drinks

Rules for receiving isotonic drinks during physical activities:

  • Ionic drinks are designed for water, ions, or energy during exercising and are totally unsuitable as normal drinks.
  • In the last 2 hours before exercise it is recommended to drink more than 0.5 liters of ion drinks.
  • During the exercising drink 50-100 ml every 15 min regardless if you are thirsty or not.
  • Ion drink of isotonic kind can be also used after exercising, in order to replenish water and minerals with respect to subsequent performance.
  • The volume should not exceed 1 liter during two hours.

Osmolality ion drink - expresses what is its concentration according to the concentration of blood plasma.

According to isotonic drinks osmolality they can be divided into:

  • hypotonic - having a concentration of osmotically active substances (ions) less than blood plasma. Osmolality is equal or less than 250 mOsmol / kg.
  • isotonic - concentration of ions is the same like blood plasma. Osmolality is equal 290 ± 15 mOsmol / kg.
  • hypertonic (hyperosmolální) - having a higher concentration of ions than blood plasma. Osmolality is equal to or greater than 340 mOsmol / kg.


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food intended for particular nutritional uses
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